Fox Valve offers both Surface Condensers (Shell &Tube) and Direct Contact (Barometric) for use with our steam jet vacuum system.

Why do I need Condensers?

Condensers are invaluable in multistage vacuum systems. They reduce the process vapor load to the ejectors. Condensers can be placed before the vacuum system (precondenser) or between the stages of a vacuum system (intercondenser) to achieve this end. They condensate out both the motive steam vapor from an ejector along with any condensables handled by the ejector. This allows the following ejector stage to be smaller and use less steam.

Surface Condensers

Surface condensers are typically used when the process stream cannot be mixed with the utility water stream. This may be because the process stream is highly corrosive or the treatment of spent utility water is a problem.

Normally the condensers are horizontally mounted vapor in shell, however, they can also be designed as vertically mounted vapor in tubes. Fox designs condensers using Aspen’s B-JACTM, allowing an accurate design to both ASME and TEMA standards.

Barometric Condensers

Barometric condensers are used when mixing the process vapors with the cooling water does not create a problem (e.g. after mixing this may contain hard to treat organics, etc). The advantages of barometric condensers are their simplicity of design and overall improvement of system efficiency because they allow a closer approach temperature. They are also less expensive than surface condensers and easier to maintain.