Ejectors Handling Corrosives

Fox Ejectors for Handling Corrosive Gasses

Fox Valve is a global leader in supplying venturi jet products for highly corrosive applications. Because of our legacy as an aerospace supplier, making engineered venturi products for handling corrosive rocket propellants in the 1960’s, Fox has been familiar with ‘exotic’ materials such as Hastelloy, titanium, zirconium, Alloy 20, and nickel/chrome alloys since the 1960’s. Fox is the leading global supplier of titanium ejectors for industry.

Plastic-Lined Ejectors

Fox ‘PLP’ eductors and ejectors are intended for severe applications where plastic or glass-lined piping systems are in use, or for replacing existing fragile graphite and plastic ejectors. Fox ‘PLP’ venturi ejectors and eductors can be designed and built for almost all types of venturi applications, including steam ejectors, liquid eductors, liquid exhausters for vapor handling. By combining a standard lined ‘Tee’ with precision-machined components, the Fox ‘PLP’ design results in a fully armored, extremely rugged ejector where all wetted parts are TFE (virgin or graphite-impregnated), PVDF, or Polypropylene. Standard 150# flanges are used for installation. Combined with graphite block condensers, they can be used to create extremely durable multi-stage ejector systems for highly corrosive fluids.

Fox PLP eductor
A Fox ‘PLP’ eductor is made by assembling a precision-machined nozzle and venturi with a fully armored
plastic-lined pipe fitting.

Titanium Ejectors

Fox is the leading global supplier of titanium ejectors, which can be quoted in just a few days and delivered in about 6 – 7 weeks. They have been used primarily to handle chlorine vapors, but are ideally suited to other corrosive applications.