Natural Gas Ejectors

Fox Venturi Ejectors for

  • Natural Gas/Methane/VOC Capture, Compression, or discharge to Flare

  • Vapor Recovery – Replacement of Mechanical VRU’s with no-moving-part venturi ejectors

  • Recovery of gas leaks from tanks, glycol dehydrators, flowback

Oil and gas production and processing facilities, refineries, and pipelines are now taking aggressive steps to reduce natural gas emissions and capture hydrocarbon releases. 2016 EPA regulations severely limit natural gas emissions from four major sources:

  • Compressors & Actuators
  • Vessels
  • Glycol Dehydrators
  • Well completion/flowback

Therefore, vapors that previously may have been flared or just vented must now be captured.

Fox venturi ejectors have been installed in global applications to provide no maintenance, no moving parts Vapor Recovery and capture since the 1970’s:

  • Manufactured in USA in Dover, NJ
  • Machined-from-bar construction
  • Custom-engineered to meet operating requirements
  • Welding: ASME code, X-ray inspections, etc.
  • Line Sizes Available: 1/2″ – 16 inch
  • Materials: 316 ss, Duplex, Alloy 20, Hastelloy
  • End Connections: Flanges 150# – 900# – 1500#, DIN Flanges, NPT or BSP threads, Butt weld prep
  • MAWP to 5000+ psig
  • Welding: ASME code, X-ray inspections, etc.
  • These products are also called Eductors, Venturi Jets, and Jet Pumps

Collecting/Manifolding/Piping Hydrocarbon Releases from Multiple Sources

Fox natural gas venturi ejectors are often installed on gas-capture manifolds that collect vapors from multiple sources, such as actuators, glycol dehydrators, etc.

Replacing Explosion Proof Exhaust Blowers

Hydrocarbon storage tanks are often supplied with expensive X-proof motor exhaust blowers. Fox air or nat-gas-driven ejectors can replace these with a no-moving parts, no maintenance solution.

Skid-Mounted Systems with Controls

Fox ejectors can be skid-mounted with specified valves, instrumentation and controls.

Vapor Recovery Ejectors Have Been around since the 1950’s

Upon request, we will be happy to forward the 1954 article from ‘Petroleum Refiner’ Magazine dated Jan, 1954 “Gas Jet Compressors – with photographs of Jet Compressor installed on gas wells …near Kingsville, Texas”