Introduction to Liquid Eductors

Fox Liquid Eductors for Pumping, Mixing and Blending

What are Fox Liquid Eductors?

Fox Liquid Eductors: are venturi jet devices that use pressurized liquid to entrain, mix and pump other liquids, slurries, gases or dry solids. Eductors consist of two basic parts, the motive nozzle, which converts the pressure energy to kinetic (velocity) energy, and the suction chamber/diffuser section where the entrainment and mixing take place.
No Moving Parts: Eductors are very reliable, with no seals or packing and are almost entirely maintenance-free.
Cost Effective: Particularly with corrosives.
Easy Installation: Eductors are as easy to install as a common pipe “tee” and are available with a variety of end connections.
Handles Corrosive and/or Erosive Fluids: Due to their simple construction, eductors can be made from any machinable material for corrosive or erosive fluids.

Liquid Eductors

Liquid eductors use motive water or other liquids to pump, dilute, mix, or blend other liquids: pumping and mixing liquids.


Pumping Gasses or Vapors with Liquid Eductors

Liquid eductors use water or other liquids under pressure to create vacuum that can be used to pump, vent, or exhaust gasses: venting/exhausting gasses with liquid eductors.


Slurry-Eductors for Blending Liquids & Solids

These eductors are used to mix or blend solids into solutions or slurries: slurry eductors.



Mini-eductors are 1/4″ eductors used for small liquid blending applications. If your flow rates are below 2 – 3 GPM, then a mini-eductor may be required: mini-eductors.