Introduction to Liquid/Solid Slurry Eductors

Slurry Eductors

Slurry Eductors are used to introduce solids into liquids with no moving parts. They are an ideal way to continuously produce solutions or well blended slurries and are commonly used in chemical, food, power, pharmaceutical, and waste water applications. As with Fox solids conveying eductors, they have been installed with an enormously broad range of products. Applications of Fox slurry eductors range from adding a few pounds per hour of whey into a milk stream to transporting over 100 tons/hr of flyash at a power plant.

For handling hard-to-wet powders, often used as thickeners and stabilizers in emulsions and suspensions,
Fox Co-Axial Slurry Eductors offer an extremely good solution. They provide almost instantaneous hydration and avoid clumps and ‘fish-eyes’. They have been used with polymers, such as Carbopol, and foods such as guar gum and carageenan.

From Batch to Continuous Liquid/Solids Blending or To Automate Solids Feeding

The addition of powdered products into tanks is often left as a manual operation even in otherwise highly automated plants. Scoops, buckets, bags – and their accompanying dust and spillage – still often surround tanks and mixers.