Use in Food Industry

Fox Slurry Eductors

Typical Applications

Fox has supplied fully sanitary, food-grade, USDA-approved slurry eductors to the food, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical industries for over 25 years. At right is a fully sanitary eductor in use at a pharmaceutical plant. Fox supplied the pump, washdown hopper and remotely actuated ball valve.

A USDA-approved, food-grade Fox Slurry Eductor is used to manufacture calcium-enriched orange juice. Calcium Cirate is accurately metered before been feed into a slurry eductor.

Cocoa Powder, Whey, and Spice Additives into Milk:

Here a dairy manufacturer needed to continuously blend pulverized coconut meat, whey,and flavorings into milk on its way to an interim process.

The motive nozzle in the slurry eductor maintains the milk at a fixed, constant flow rate, enabling three loss-in-weight feeders to drop additives into the washdown hopper at a constant feed rate, producingthe desired mixture with uniform solids/liquids ratio.

A food-grade, USDA-approved slurry eductor, including pump, washdown hopper and remotely actuated ball valve.