Fox Mini-Eductors

Typical Applications

Vehicle Emissions Sampling

Many instrument manufacturers use Fox mini-eductors to draw samples from stacks, flues, vapor streams, and other industrial processes into their analyzer. In this example, vehicle emissions are pulled into an analyzer.

Gas Cabinets for Ultra-High Purity Gas Handling

Various manufacturers of high-purity gas cabinets for microchip manufacturing use all 316 stainless or all-Teflon Fox mini-eductors to evacuate and sample the corrosive and toxic gases that remain in the piping/tubing common in this industry – including gallium arsenide and hydrogen fluoride.

Dilution of Acid or Caustic Concentrates

Fox Mini-Eductors are often used when small amounts of acid, caustic or other additives are required to be introduced into a main stream to control PH or to control product quality.

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