Mini-Eductors for OEM Systems

Fox Mini-Eductors for use in OEM Equipment:

  • Analyzers/Instrumentation
  • Sampling/Pollution Control
  • Hydraulics
  • Medical
  • Refrigeration/Air Conditioning
  • Blending/Mixing of Solutions
  • Semiconductors

Customized and Optimized for OEM Applications

Fox Mini-Eductors have been incorporated into OEM equipment for over thirty years. Fox makes it easy to evaluate whether an eductor can enhance the performance of your equipment. Although we stock a moderate range of differently sized mini-eductors, there is no reason for our OEM customers to compromise performance by settling for what happens to be a standard unit.

  • For certain OEM applications, Fox will accept an order for one eductor, but will custom-modify 2 or 3 others based on our experience. You can then evaluate these, hopefully zeroing in on an optimized configuration.
  • Stock mini-eductors have all NPT ends. End connections for production units can include any required end connection with little impact on quantity pricing.