Use with Compressed Air

Fox Mini-Eductors for use with air or gas as the motive.

Compressed air is available in almost every industrial setting. It can therefore be manipulated by a Fox Mini-Eductor to create vacuum that can be used to pump, sample, or mix other gasses or to evacuate a small volume.

Because mini-eductors have no moving parts, they offer the maintenance-free way to sample or exhaust corrosive, explosive, dust-laden, or high-temperature gases. Three standard Mini-Eductors are stocked that, although they resemble each other externally, have very different internal geometries. The motive nozzle orifice sizes are .015″, .030″ and .060″, – with similarly proportioned internals. Motive air consumption varies, therefore, by a factor of four with each eductor size change, enabling users to choose a Mini-eductor that minimizes their consumption of compressed air, GN2, or other gas.

I need to minimize compressed air consumption. How little air can I use?

The table below shows compressed air consumption, in SCFM of our three standard mini-eductors. Suction performance curves are available in our product literature, which can be downloaded.
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