Use with Water/Dilution

Fox Mini-Eductors

for use with water or liquid as the motive.

Any liquid at 20 psig or higher can be used to drive a Fox eductor and pump other liquids. (They are rather ineffective at entraining gasses or vapors, or for use as exhausters, i.e. sucking in gasses. We do not recommend them for this service.) Because mini-eductors have no moving parts, they represent the maintenance-free way to pump, dilute, or mix corrosive, caustic, or explosive fluids. They are frequently used to blend solutions. The motive flow rate is fixed by the eductor nozzle, assuming constant, regulated inlet pressure. Suction flow rate, and therefore concentration, is controlled with a needle valve.

I need to minimize water usage. How little water can I use?

Fox mini-eductors require between about 3/4 to 2 GPM, depending on which mini-eductor you require.

Typical Dilution Application

The above schematic shows a typical installation of a Fox Mini-Eductor used to create a solution with an additive or concentrate. Note that the motive, or main, flow rate remains fixed, while additive flow rate is adjusted with a needle valve. A check valve is a necessary safety feature on the additive feed line.

For detailed performance data, download mini-brochure now.