Applications by Industry

Power Applications

Fox Venturi Eductors have been used since the 1960’s to provide reliable, maintenance-free conveying of fuels, sorbents, additives, ash, dried sludge, and other many other solids when 24/7 reliability is required.

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Food Applications

Fox Venturi Eductors are in use at hundreds of food and pet food plants.

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Pet Food Applications

  • Packing Room Reclaim
  • Convey Additives, Vitamins, and Minors with No Moving Parts
  • Fully Sanitary or Carbon Steel – 2″ to 8″ line sizes

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Brewing/Distilling Applications

  • Convey Malt and Hop Pellets to Kettles from Bag Dump on Ground – Using Air or CO2
  • Convey Additives, Spices, Minors, Grains

No More Climbing Up Wet Ladders with a 50 lb Bag!

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Cement Applications

Fox Venturi Eductors are now widely used throughout the global cement industry to replace or eliminate airlocks, screws conveyors, and bucket elevators to provide highly reliable pneumatic conveying.

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Pollution Control, Sorbents, FGD

Hundreds of Fox Eductor and Blower Systems are now installed at power plants as the preferred solution for 24/7 reliable injection of PAC into stacks, ducts, boilers, and kilns:

  • Distances up to 1,000 ft.
  • Rates up to 20,000 lb/hr
  • Line splits to 4, 8, 16 (or more) injection lances, nozzles

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Silica, Sand, Minerals, Abrasives

Fox Eductors have been used to convey hundreds of abrasives like silica, flyash, mica dust, cement, glass frit, and metal chips.

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Fox Ceramic-Lined Eductor

Fox eductors with replaceable ceramic-liners have been installed in thousands of systems, conveying hundreds of different products in dozens of countries. They permit the elimination of rotary airlocks, screw conveyors, and other equipment that require maintenance and enable maintenance-free conveying of extremely fine and extremely abrasive particulates.

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Plastics Applications

Fox Eductors have been used since 1963 to convey plastic pellets with no moving parts. They are primarily used to:

  • Eliminate angelhair, streamers, and pellet degradation/damage caused by airlocks and unnecessarily high transport velocity.
  • Enable quick-clean-outs when cross-contamination is a critical concern.
  • Convey abrasive, glass-filled pellets without wear.
  • Convey plastic regrind or chips reliably and without maintenance.

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Construction/Paving Applications

Fox Venturi eductors have been used successfully to pneumatically conveying small-particle size construction materials – such as flint rock, pea gravel, and screened gravel and aggregate.

Such eductor conveying solutions can use portable compressors, operating at 50 – 80 psig to convey up to 100 feet or more through rigid or flex hose.

Materials can be dumped manually into freestanding hoppers and then conveyed—with no moving parts—to their end use site. A recent application used eductors to convey flint rock to sites needing repair across the span of long road bridges—eliminating wheelbarrow and forklift traffic.

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