Cement Applications

No Maintenance Conveying for the Cement Industry

Fox Venturi Eductors are now widely used throughout the global cement industry to replace or eliminate airlocks, screws conveyors, and bucket elevators to provide highly reliable pneumatic conveying.

Fox Venturi Eductor
End Connections of a typical Fox Venturi Eductor
Fox Solids Conveying Eductors
Fox Solids Conveying Eductors are available with replaceable ceramic liners for abrasion resistance
Dozens of Cement Plants throughout North America, Europe, Asia, and Africa have successful installations of Fox Eductor + Blower Systems since the 1980’s.

Where Are They Used?

Fox eductors are used at Cement Plants in four major categories:

  1. Handling CKD, Cement, Limestone, etc Beneath Dust Collectors
  2. Injecting Waste and/or Alternative Fuels into Kilns
  3. Sorbent Injection & Hg Capture/Pollution Control
  4. Conveying Kiln Spill at up to 1500°F

With no moving parts, Fox Eductors are a forty year old solution to conveying abrasives like CKD, dust, and abrasive alternative fuels. Unlike the airlock they do not “blow-back” or create leakage. With no seals or bearings to wear or fail, Fox eductors can operate essentially maintenance-free for years.

Conveying Cement Dust with Fox Venturi Eductors

  • Hot CKD
  • Cement
  • Limestone

Fox Eductors have been used to eliminate screw conveyors and airlocks . . .

. . . conveying dust at cement plants for decades. They can be located directly under dust collectors, and eliminate the leakage, fugitive dust, and general mess associated with airlocks and screws.

BEFORE Retrofit –

This airlock was prone to intermittent failure

AFTER Retrofit with Fox Eductor –

No moving parts, no fugitive dust, and no maintenance.

Injecting Alternative Fuels and Solid Waste into Cement Kilns with No Moving Parts with Fox Venturi Eductors

  • Biomass/AgWaste: Peanut Shells, Ground Corn Cobs, Crushed Soybeans
  • RDF/Municipal Waste – Shredded Paper & Plastic
  • Dried Sludge
  • Oily Rags, Filter Fluff, and Cardboard
  • Rice Husks
  • Wood Chips
  • TDF – Tire-Derived Fuel
  • MBM – Meat & Bone Meal

Cement plants today now have an ongoing requirement for the highly reliable injection of alternative fuels and/or waste into their kilns. As the economics of the cement industry evolves, fees from these waste disposal contracts can represent a significant portion of a plant´s profit picture. Moreover, as energy prices continue to rise, the BTU value of “alternative fuels” and/or waste injected into a kiln can have a meaningful impact on energy costs. Therefore, the selection and engineering of these fuel/waste injection systems for high reliability is very important. Request a copy of Fox Case Study #74 and a reprint of our recently published article in CementAmericas.

Conveying Cement Kiln Leakage & Spills with Fox Venturi Eductors

Fox Eductors are being installed beneath kilns to catch and convey hot kiln spills before they hit the ground.

Material can be up to 1500° F/800° C

With no moving parts, Fox eductors can be applied to applications that just seemed to have no solutions with the “normal’ equipment used in cement plants. Fox eductors, made in 316 ss, can happily convey material at 1500° F or higher, glowing red on occasion, with no maintenance required.

For more information, request a reprint of the published Case History regarding conveying Kiln Spill with Fox Eductors that appeared in WORLD CEMENT.

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