Plastics Applications

Conveying Plastic Pellets with Fox Eductors

Fox Eductors have been used since 1963 to convey plastic pellets with no moving parts. They are primarily used to:

  • Eliminate angelhair, streamers, and pellet degradation/damage caused by airlocks and unnecessarily high transport velocity.
  • Enable quick-clean-outs when cross-contamination is a critical concern.
  • Convey abrasive, glass-filled pellets without wear.
  • Convey plastic regrind or chips reliably and without maintenance.

Typical applications include:

  • Convey from Extruders – Fox eductors have been installed by hundreds of compounders to provide maintenance-free, easy-to-clean conveying from their extruders. Werner & Pfleiderer often install Fox eductor systems with their extruders when asked to include pellet transport systems with their turnkey installations.
  • Silo Blending – Eductors provide a simple way to recirculate silo contents to achieve good homogeneity of product
  • Convey from Screeners – Because Fox eductors require so little head-room, they can easily be placed under classifier and screener outlets to pickup, convey, and thereby reclaim product that previously was lost.
  • Emptying Bins – Fox eductors can easily fit under bins and totes.


Eductors for Compounders

Because Fox has been providing eductors to compounders for almost forty years, we have developed a line of eductors specifically designed for compounders. These offer easy-to-clean internals, product inlet ports custom-built to mate perfectly to your existing equipment, and the option of ceramic-liners if handling abrasive or filled pellets.

For more information about Fox eductors for compounders, request Bulletin 336.