Silica, Sand, Minerals, Abrasives

Conveying Abrasive Products with Fox Eductors

Fox Eductors have been used to convey hundreds of abrasives like silica, flyash, mica dust, cement, glass frit, and metal chips.

Fox Ceramic-Lined Eductor

Fox eductor with replaceable ceramic liner

Fox eductors with replaceable ceramic-liners have been installed in thousands of systems, conveying hundreds of different products in dozens of countries. They permit the elimination of rotary airlocks, screw conveyors, and other equipment that require maintenance and enable maintenance-free conveying of extremely fine and extremely abrasive particulates.

Typical applications are found in the following industries:

  • Foundries – Eliminating screw conveyors and dense phase systems handling foundry dust and sand
  • Power – Conveying sorbents ( limestone, CaCO3, MgO), coal, ash
  • Building Materials – Fiberglass, gypsum, sand, roofing tiles
  • Ceramics/Tiles – Conveying sand, grout components, aggregate
  • Cement – Reclaim from dust collectors, aggregate, additives.
  • Plastic Compounding – Conveying pellets filled with as much as 50% fiberglass
  • Mining – Handling hot product from calciners, dust
  • Glass – Handling silica, glass frit

Many of our Case Studies illustrate important advantages of conveying abrasives with Fox eductors.