Sonic Choke Case Studies

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Choke Case Study 10 - Fuel Cells - Hydrogen and Oxygen flow control into fuel cell stack
Choke Case Study 12 - Rocket engine gas flow control - Sonic choke valves deliver fuel & oxidizer to 3 engines
Choke Case Study 13 - Undersea gas lift systems - Regulating gas at 1790 psig in an undersea application
Choke Case Study 14 - Anode refining - Two chokes deliver precise flow rates of steam and nat gas
Choke Case Study 15 - Flight - qualified sonic chokes - Installed aboard a 747 on an advanced weapons system

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Case Study 11 is included below:

Choke Case Study 11 –
Sixty Fox sonic chokes deliver identical, uniform, stable gas flow rates to sixty silos from one compressor manifold.